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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Choose Custom Software Development

Custom software development, performed by software development companies, is the making of a software custom made for a specific business organization or even an individual. Unlike off the shelf generic software solutions, custom softwares are aimed at specific in-house requirements of the client business and is not for reselling.

Customized software solutions are more beneficial for businesses in the long run since they are tailor made to target specific problems of the business and can be scaled up or down according to what the business needs at any given moment in time. They are more efficient and increase ROI since they are able to tackle problems specific to that business that generic softwares cannot.

There are development companies made to cater to such demands. Conaxiom is one such example. They exist in all shapes and sizes and businesses would do well to opt for a custom software solution than an off the shelf option because of the benefits in both the short run and the long run. Businesses might be put off because of the initial investment but the ROI’s are immense and they would benefit greatly. This article will talk about five major reasons why businesses should opt for custom software development for their business solutions.

1. Targeted:

The most important reason to invest in a custom software solution is that it will be made to fit exactly your needs and purposes. Every business is unique in its own way and there is no standard off the shelf software that suits the exact purposes of every business. It is not uncommon for businesses to invest in a generic software only to realize that it does not suit their every need. Custom software solutions gives you limitless opportunities to grow and scale up or down depending on your business requirements at any given moment in time.

2. Scalability:

As businesses grow, so do their needs and requirements. Off the shelf software solutions are not viable in that regard since they are hard built and are not customizable. When businesses grow, it is not uncommon for them to realize that their earlier purchased off the shelf software no longer meets all their requirements or in case of downsizing they realize that their off the shelf purchased software is now too expensive to use. Custom softwares, on the other hand, take longer to build in the start to suit that specific business but once it is built, it is easily scalable according to what the business requires. In case of growth, the software is easily and quickly customized to grow with the business and fulfill the new tasks that the company requires done in this new phase of their development. In case of downsizing, similarly, the software can still be a viable solution since it only required that initial investment by the company when it was built and now it owned by them since custom software solutions are not for reselling.

3. Integration:

Custom software solutions that a business has made by a software development company is easily integrated with the rest of the systems in the business. This integration is easier precisely because the custom software solution is built with that integration in mind. That software solution will have to operate in a specific digital environment where other systems might already be in use. Standard off the shelf software are unable to do this with a lot of other systems. Custom software solutions, however, are easily integrated and can optimize business operations and boost productivity instead of delaying operations which can result if the systems do not integrate. Yet another reason for your business to opt for a custom software job.

4. Hardware:

Off the shelf softwares are generic and are not tailored to every business’s specific requirements. Businesses are actually forced to adapt themselves to suit the software rather than the other way around. Moreover, some softwares come with specific hardware that can run it which in turn costs extra and companies are left with a big cost on their books. Custom softwares, on the other hand, are built with the company’s existing hardware in mind and do not require additional hardware costs. They are designed to support the business and adapts to the business’s growth and requirements which off the shelf softwares are unable to do. This makes your business operate seamlessly and efficiently.

5. Independent of the Developer:

With off the shelf software solutions, your business faces fixed prices and updates set and provided, respectively, by the developers of those softwares. If those companies go under suddenly, then that software will become outdated without updates and patches to fix bugs and glitches and its security will become outdated as well making it and, by extension, your company vulnerable to malicious cyber-attacks. It is, therefore, advisable to opt for custom software solutions that can be used for an indefinite period of time without being beholden to the future of the software company that has developed it. It does not require additional costs and needs maintenance costs sometimes. For the most part, however, it runs smoothly and is tailor made to your business’s specifications and your company is completely emancipated from the developer of the software. They update it when your business needs and update and you are not stuck with additional costs.


Small businesses just getting off the ground can make great use of the popular option of off the shelf generic software solutions to aid their business operations in the start when there are no clear cut departments and individuals are performing a variety of functions. As businesses grow, however, standard off the shelf solutions will no longer aid them in a variety of operations and processes as they will be unable to since every business and its operations and processes are different. Generic solutions will no longer be viable in that phase. It is, therefore, imperative that businesses should opt for custom software development in order to have high ROI’s, long term profit margins, efficiency and quick solutions to complex problems and a collaborative and integrated software environment within the organization.

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