Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Designing Data Science Applications that feed the future.

Artifical Intelligence | Machine Learning | Deep Learning


Our expertise extends across the entire technology spectrum including emerging technologies

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Our AI/ML solutions help businesses succeed by identifying trends, enabling smart decision-making, and developing market-winning strategies.

Computer Vision

We automate your monitoring and reporting applications to help you recognize, capture and generate insights from images and videos.

Natural Language Porcessing

We can build a next-generation digital assistant for you that is contextually relevant, understands the language that people use to communicate, and make better decisions.


Specializing in delivering mobile applications for SMBs and Startups.


Developing AI / ML driven applications

ML-Powered Data Warehouse

Apache Spark |Python | TensorFlow | Cassandra

Natural Language Processing and other Machine Learning methods were used to provide a marketing agency with an automated solution performing search engine optimization analysis which they used to monitor the performance of SEO driven websites over time

AI-powered Sentiment Analysis Software

Apache Spark | Python | TensorFlow | Cassandra

Automating customer satisfaction data collection, we enabled actionable information about consumer attitudes toward the client’s products and services at much higher response levels.

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Technology Subject Matter Experts

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Build Scalable Applications

Data Science Project Delivery Phases

Project Scoping

Our AI/ML Consultants will help carve out the broad stroke requirements for the project to see if existing models of Ai / ML, Computer Vision, NLP and data analytics can be leveraged in the project.

Ai Project R&D

Depending upon the complexity of the project our team of data scientists will develop and implement the roadmap for the Ai/Ml project. This includes the selection of correct hardware and finalizing the software applications’ tech stack required to be able to support the required system.

Ai Model Development

Using Ai/ML and deep learning our data scientists will develop the machine learning models that will be used for the complete project. This is the foundation of any data science project.

Platform Imeplementation

The designed Ai model will be incorporated into the full blown system that can be used by the end client or customers. The system developed grows intelligent with time with the Ai/ML implemented at the core of the data science project.