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5 Reasons To Outsource UI/UX Design

As more and more businesses are entering the digital world, an increasing number of business transactions are taking place virtually. This rise in digital business interactions has highlighted the importance of User Experience (UI/UX). UI/UX design is primarily concerned with the design of the business’ website and/or app. The focus of this is to create a better user experience as this directly affects their performance in the market in today’s increasingly digital world. Usually companies have an in-house UI/UX design team but the workload is often more than they can handle or there might be a skillset gap especially in smaller businesses.

Many businesses often choose to outsource UI/UX design regardless of the presence of an in-house design team because of the multiple benefits to be derived from outsourcing. User experience takes precedence for a business and in order to achieve that, they find the best possible solution for it which usually points towards outsourcing. With more experience and knowledge, external designers tend to provide better UI/UX designs for most businesses than a small in-house team.

This article will discuss 5 major reasons why businesses will choose to outsource their UI/UX design projects to companies that exclusively provide design services or even software development companies like Conaxiom that, on top of web development, also provide UI/UX design services to their customers.

1. Staying up-to-date:
UI/UX designs is constantly evolving with frameworks like Angular, Vue, React etc. It takes time and investment to train an in-house team with these skills and then making sure they stay up to date with trends in that specific industry. Unless a company specializes in UI/UX design, engaging with UI/UX design at such a depth is unfeasible. Therefore, outsourcing becomes the only viable solution in which the business can rely on the company with specialized UI/UX team to stay in touch with current industry trends and provide them with cutting edge features in this highly competitive digital environment. Even if a company has a UI/UX design specialist or even a team, outsourcing will only augment them and together they will come up with the best viable UI/UX design for the business.

2. Expertise & Creativity:
Outsourcing UI/UX design projects allows businesses access to a vast pool of knowledge and expertise, all related to UI/UX. These individuals would have worked on similar projects in the past and would provide access to a wealth of knowledge that the business can utilize. Moreover, they also provide a fresh set of impartial eyes that can bring the full breadth of their creativity to the project instead of in-house designers who usually have to work within strict parameters in which they cannot change anything the company has already done. This creativity, coupled with experience and expertise in the field, provides a stellar design for the business. Businesses also stand to learn a lot from the processes that these specialists apply to the project and can also apply them in their business or modify them to suit their needs better.

3. Objective Insights:
Projects face delays and hit snags all the time and this is where outsourcing can prove to be invaluable. An internal team cannot be impartial but the outsourced team can be and, moreover, will provide a fresh set of eyes which can find solutions right there or can tap their knowledge gathered from previous similar projects for a viable solution. This objectivity that outsourcing brings to the project is extremely important in the face of internal politics of organizations that might be standing in the way of completion of a UI/UX design project but also in contrast to the biases that beset internal design teams when they hit a snag. Furthermore, the new ideas and information that outsourced UI/UX designers bring to the project can be utilized by businesses to help their own processes or by the business’s internal design team to further hone their own skills and realize the significance of impartiality in the field.

4. Focus on Core Activities:
In the case of most businesses who require UI/UX designers, it is often not their area of expertise and hiring an in-house team, with just the right level of skills and expertise that align with the needs of the business and its project, often takes years and a lot of investment. This shifts focus away from the core activities on which the business is actually premised. The resources necessary for those core activities might have to be diverted towards servicing the in-house team. Therefore, outsourcing is the best solution for businesses that do not specialize in UI/UX. They stand to benefit from a cheaper alternative with a dedicated design team and with a range of specialists like customer research, visual design, interaction design etc. and that outsourced company will, by virtue of experience and expertise, will be able to pinpoint the exact specialists needed for the project and assign them which saves the business the headache and worry of figuring out how to complete the project. This frees up their mind and time to focus on the key areas of their business.

5. Scalability:
A typical UI/UX design project involves fluctuating workload. A larger team is required at the start and it dwindles down when the project is near completion where focus is on quality control before release. Businesses cannot scale in-house teams according to this kind of inconsistent workload which translates into sunk costs for them. This kind of scalability can only be managed by outsourced specialized UI/UX design companies which can scale up or down according to the workload presented by the project easily and rapidly without incurring losses since this is their core business activity. The business requiring UI/UX design will be free from this issue of scalability, leaving it completely up to the company they have outsourced their project to. In this way, outsourcing can be extremely useful for businesses when it comes to UI/UX design related projects.

There are a number of reasons why businesses choose to outsource their UI/UX design processes, the most obvious of which is cost savings. The five reasons listed above are some of many which vary with each business. The most important reason, however, (and a reason which businesses that do not outsource their UI/UX projects should consider as well) is that companies that specialize in web development and UI/UX design amongst their range of services, like Conaxiom, can bring together elements like research, user testing, front end coding etc. to create the best UI/UX design out there for your business.

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