DevOps Development Services

Building applications faster, and making their management easier


Deploying Applications in the Cloud

Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD)

By continuously delivering code into production, and ensuring an ongoing flow of new features and bug fixes via the most efficient delivery method, we ship software quickly and efficiently.

Infrastructure as Service

We use code-based approach to make things faster by eliminating manual processes and eliminating the slack in the process to simplify the mundane tasks and activities.

Containerization & Microservices

We make applications easier to scale and faster to develop through containerization & microservices architecture.


Specializing in delivering mobile applications for SMBs and Startups.


Developing cloud based applications

Cloud Migration using Microsoft Azure

IaaS | Azure | Migration

We made use of Microsoft Azure to avoid heavy hardware renewal costs for our client. We migrated some of its activities to Microsoft Azure Cloud to be managed from cloud, saving a lot of time

Leverage Our Services to Avail

Faster Development cycle to meet timelines

Technology Subject Matter Experts

Customer Involvement for better delivery

Better Visibility of project delivery

Build Scalable Applications

Devops Methodology

DevOps Audit

Conduct DevOps Audit to review the existing application development and deployment processes and introduce CI/CD best practices to leverage faster development and easier deployment cycles across the organization. Run 35 Points Audit to present executive findings and actionable plan for implementing the Devops strategy.

DevOps in Action

Using containerization, microservices architecture as well as other Devops best practices our teams ensure development and deployment cycles run hand in hand for better productivity across the organization.
Our Devops Team ensures that your delivery pipelines and deployment pipelines are in sync to speed up and optimize your development cycles.

DevOps Management

Applications built and deployed across multiple infrastructures require continuous monitoring and control to ensure optimum productivity. Our teams provide ongoing maintain & support to ensure the issue detect, diagnose and resolve timelines are in control.