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5 Ways Software Consultancy Can Benefit Your Implementation Project

Software consultancy essentially means analyzing any business’s software needs and then creating the right technology to fulfil that need which in turn will help that company perform its operations successfully and more efficiently than before. The software consultancy industry has grown dramatically in the past two decades and is expected to continue in the next decade as well. The reason is that the world is becoming increasingly digital with more and more businesses adopting softwares for their business operations.

Merely choosing a software for your business is just the start. The software then has to be implemented in the company across the board and employees need to be taught how to use it. There can be resistance to change which is why most implementation projects fall through initially. However, hiring a software consultancy team can greatly benefit your business’s software implementation project and make it a success in the first try. Development companies like Conaxiom mostly also offer consulting services as well and will not only make you the software you need but also help implement it.

Here are five ways that software consultancy can benefit your business’s software implementation project:

1. Protection of Interests:

Software implementation projects involve a lot of internal and external people. Software and hardware developers, in house IT teams and executive level involvement means there are a lot of varied perspectives and interests with stakes in the project and this can inevitably lead to conflicts. This is where hiring a software consultancy team can come in handy since they will primarily focus on protecting your interests. They will focus on strategy and planning which are your foremost objectives in the project and will also help you identify your needs and your wants and will further help you in prioritizing. They will also help you in selecting the right software to begin with since they will probably understand your requirements better than you do and in the implementation phase will advise you with the right strategy and approach to ensure a seamless and successful transition.

2. Aiding Organizational Change:

With the introduction of new technology, there are always organizational changes. Companies that focus only on the new technology will have their implementation projects fall through. Companies who understand the need for engaging their employees beforehand will be better off. Software consultants help in this department by aiding the business to engage and help their employees brace the new technology. A new software is to help the organization do what they were doing before but only better and in a more efficient way. Software consultancy will know the exact areas to work on and aiding in organization training sessions for the new softwares as well as demonstrations to highlight the positive sides of the technology and the organizational changes to come.

3. Focus on Core Activities:

Since most businesses do not work in the IT domain and change their softwares once every five or ten years, it does not make sense for them to have an in house IT team. However, implementation projects when they do come around can engage the whole company taking focus away from their core activities which bring in the revenue needed for such excursions. This is where software consultancy is at its best since it will fill the gap that most companies have without in house IT teams. They will ensure focus on your business’s core activities by taking over the implementation project. They will be responsible for the strategy, planning, organizing and completion of the project. They fill in the gaps and complement what little resources your company does have.

4. Lifecycle Navigation:

Mega projects like software implementation in large enterprises involve a long and complex process using different resources and people. Software consultants help you navigate this project by identifying a clear path to follow by highlighting the resources that need changing, how to rebalance the company in the case when some people have to go, identifying your changing or evolving requirements and how best to meet them. Moreover, they also help in identifying risks and minimizing them, how to meet certain deadlines and how to engage the people in your business who will be using the software to avoid push backs which will cause delays. Basically, they will help you navigate the entire lifecycle of the process to ensure a seamless and successful transition.

5. Achieving Expected Benefits:

Software consultants will help you identify the benefits of a new software, will make the entire project cost effective and ensure a beneficial implementation phase with good and efficient project management, organizational change management and providing their expertise every step of the way. Businesses not working in the software or IT domain lack basic core competencies which are essential for such projects. Since most businesses are outside the IT domain, it makes the need for software consultants all the more pressing. This is why such businesses hire software consultancy teams to help them in their projects.


Software consultancy is a rapidly expanding industry and its demand is rising with every passing year. In today’s increasingly digital world, the need for softwares to help businesses perform their operations is skyrocketing and this calls for the need for not just software developers but also software consulting teams to help businesses actually implement those softwares and derive the benefits that come from the new software. They make the entire process cost effective and ensures that focus is not shifted from core activities thus freeing up resources. Hire a software consultancy firm for your new software implementation project to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

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