Cloud Application Development

Developing Applications that live in the Cloud

AWS | Azure | GCP


Delivering competitive, cost-effective and value added services

Applications in the Cloud

Developing scalable & secure applications to be deployed in the Cloud platform of your choice AWS, Azure or GCP.

Infrastructure as Service

Infrastructure is managed using code and Software techniques like versioning and CI/CD hence allowing quick infrastructure deployments.

Containerization & Microservices

Developing Applications using Containerization through Kubernetes & Dockers for better scalability and access.

Data Migrations to the Cloud

Migrating data from your existing legacy systems into the Cloud platform of your choosing.

Continuous Development & Integration (CI/CD)

Using the CI/CD process to manage code pipelines to deliver tested builds everytime making the whole process faster.

DevOps Resources that deliver

Automating the processes across development and operations to deliver applications in fast and secure manner.


Specializing in delivering mobile applications for SMBs and Startups.


Developing cloud based applications

Cloud Migration using Microsoft Azure

IaaS | Azure | Migration

We made use of Microsoft Azure to avoid heavy hardware renewal costs for our client. We migrated some of its activities to Microsoft Azure Cloud to be managed from cloud, saving a lot of time

Leverage Our Services to Avail

Faster Development cycle to meet timelines

Technology Subject Matter Experts

Customer Involvement for better delivery

Better Visibility of project delivery

Build Scalable Applications

Cloud Development & Deployments

Cloud Strategy Development

Depending upon the requirements for access, scale, availability of the application we define the roadmap for the Cloud journey and recommend the technology platforms to be leveraged for the project development.

Cloud Applications Development

Developing applications for the Cloud using containerization and micro-services architecture to provide the benefits that these stacks have to offer for your Cloud deployment.

Deploying Applications in the Cloud

Using fortnightly automated code reviews and using CI/CD process to ensure latest versions of the code being deployed comes as a tested build to conform with the overall application.

Managing the Cloud Post Go-Live

Once your application is rolled out we are there to provide ongoing or need based support to ensure minimal downtime and fixing any issues that may arise on the fly.