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5 Points To Consider Before Outsourcing UI/UX Projects

A good UI/UX design is becoming increasingly important in today’s world where businesses are rapidly becoming digital. User experience defines the bottom line of every company in the digital arena which is why it is imperative that the UI/UX design must be world class. Customer retention rate and competitiveness of such businesses is directly dependent on their UI/UX design: the better the UI/UX, the higher the customer retention and the bigger the competitive edge in today’s increasingly competitive market.
Outsourcing, however, can seem like a daunting task. There are a number of companies out there that offer UI/UX design services onshore, offshore and nearshore. Finding the right company which understands the exact needs of your business and its project and can understand what a potentially successful project will look like is the hard part.

This article discusses 5 points which every business must consider before outsourcing their UI/UX design project or projects to a company offering UI/UX design services. These 5 points are important in making the best decision for your business and ensuring a stellar UI/UX design upon which businesses are increasingly dependent in this highly digital world.

1. Online Design Communities:
First things first. Research. Lots of it. You must know what UI/UX design actually is and what it entails. Next up, you must know your project, its requirements and what it needs to be completed backwards and forwards. With this knowledge in mind, you will be able to pinpoint the company which is the best fit for your project. Start inwards: ask for referrals from colleagues and friends about good UI/UX designers, with your requirements in mind, which they have worked with in the past. This will save you from having to search from scratch in the absence of trustworthy referrals. However, also look online on your own to find individual designers on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork and even whole companies and thoroughly go through work samples and customer reviews and testimonials. Shortlist the ones that seem right for your purposes and who have worked on projects similar to yours in the past. This will enable you to pick the perfect fit for your business and your business project.

2. Portfolios:
Once you have shortlisted potential companies and/or individuals, thoroughly check their portfolios. See previous work samples and testimonials by clients. You can even contact their former or current clients to get a better sense of the kind of services they provide, the processes they utilize, their structure and, most importantly, the quality they put into their work. This will give you a clear picture of what kind of work they do and if they are a fit for your business and your project or not. Also look up whether the designs they made are still in use by their clients or not. If you do not see a lot of them that simply means they did not make the cut for most of their clients and will probably end up the same way for you. This is not as daunting as it sounds. A good UI/UX design services provider will have an outstanding portfolio and will catch your attention immediately.

3. Communication:
Communication is an extremely important feature that you should look for when approaching potential companies that provide UI/UX design services. A good firm will ask extensive questions about your project like the intended target audience, the value that your product is going to add for customers etc. before even considering taking up your project. They will want to know exactly what you want from your project and what your business goals are that you plan on achieving either directly or in part from the completion of that particular project. Moreover, they will also keep communicating (if you decide to outsource your project to them) regarding progress they have made as well as about any changes from their end or yours to ensure the project is finished within the changing parameters thus maximizing client satisfaction. Communication is an important business feature, imperative for the success of any kind of business interaction.

4. Latest Market Trends:
When considering potential companies to outsource your UI/UX project to, make sure to ask them questions regarding the latest trends and upcoming developments in the UI/UX world. A good company will be completely up-to-date which is necessary to stay ahead in the market in this highly competitive age. 3D graphics, AR, VR etc. are some of the current trends in the current UI/UX world and a good company will be able to replicate them if you ask for it. This shows that not only are they aware of these trends but also possess the required skills, expertise and the capacity to adjust quickly to your demands regarding your project even if there is a short notice period. This is something that you must examine in the companies that you shortlist from your initial search.

5. Tools & Workflow:
Ask the potential companies about the tools they would use in the web/app development to ensure whether they are familiar with the platforms and tools that align with the needs of your business and your UI/UX project. Inquire about their workflow as well to understand how they planned on approaching your project and how they would employ their skills to create a design that best serves your intended target audience and is ideal for your company’s product. It will also give you a clear picture of how they would handle complex problems that might arise in the duration of the project. Another important aspect, especially when it comes to offshore UI/UX design companies, is the time zone difference. Inquire about this beforehand to get a sense of their work structure and when you will be able to communicate with them on any given weekday. This is imperative for the success of an outsourcing relationship.

Your business’s UI/UX design makes a huge contribution towards its success. Even if everything is top notch but your UI/UX design is not up to the mark, it will eventually drag your business down in today’s highly competitive digital world. Outsourcing your UI/UX design projects to a great design company is, therefore, critical for the success of your product and, by extension, your business both in the short run and in the long run.

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