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4 Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Software Consultancy Company

Most businesses operate outside the IT domain which means they have either a limited in-house IT team which may not possess the skillset needed for mega-projects like enterprise software implementation projects or building a custom software. Moreover, some businesses do not even have an in-house IT team since they have no need for it and their software projects usually occur once every five to ten years so it does not make sense for them to build their own team.

Software consultants are indispensable for such businesses for all their software related projects. Businesses seek software consultancy for choosing the right software, implementing the software and tips on how to expedite the entire process. They even need their expertise to protect their business interests, avoid shifting focus from their core activities, deriving all the right benefits that come with new technology and, most importantly, cost effectiveness. Conaxiom, for example, offer a full range of these services to its clients.

This article will talk about the four major factors to consider before choosing a software consultancy team because the right team will ensure all the above mentioned factors while the wrong team will be unable to help you in any area. It is vital to choose the right team for your business and these four factors will help you in choosing such a team.

1. Market Knowledge:

Good software consultancy firms will have a solid grasp of the software market and will be up to date with the current trends as well as upcoming future trends. This will ensure that their services will benefit your company and help you stay ahead of the curve since the competition in the current status quo is fierce in every domain. They will be aware of the current software solutions and will be able to identify what your business needs in line with the current and future market to ensure that the software solution you pick will be beneficial for your organization in both the short run and in the long run as well. It will help in ensuring that it does not become a liability. It is essential that the team you pick should be well versed in the software market but also have a working knowledge of the rest of the market because that is where your business will primarily operate.

2. Industry Expertise:

The right software consultancy team will not only be well versed in the software market but will also have resources who will be well versed in the market sector where your business operates. This will ensure a well-rounded and holistic overview of your requirements and needs. This will be vital when they choose the right software for you and will be even more vital during the software implementation phase. A working knowledge of your specific market sector will allow them to avoid hiccups and pitfalls during the implementation phase and use methods that have proved to work well with companies in your market sector in the past. This, in turn, will ensure a smooth and successful transition. It is essential, therefore, to choose the team that has a solid grasp of your industry and its market.

3. Project Management Capacity:

It is not enough to have a grasp of the market. A good software consultancy team will have experience in the software implementation phase. This will ensure that their role does not end after choosing the right software for you but also work with your business during the implementation phase which a long and complex processes. Having experience will ensure that they help you make a successful and smooth transition in your company with regards to the new software solution. They should also be able to give you a clear picture with regards to the expected timeline and the budget that will be required for the project. They will demonstrate a firm grasp on project management when it comes to implementing software solutions within business organizations. Without the right experience, this team will be unable to help your business in the most difficult phase of transitioning to a new technology. The right team will help you navigate the whole lifecycle without any bumps or pitfalls.

4. Objectivity:

The software consultancy team which will best fit with your business will be the one that moves out of the ‘one size fits all’ mentality. If it is independent of the stakes involved in your project it will prove to be an impartial partner in this time consuming and expensive project and will ensure that it does not cost your business heavily in the short or long run. It will provide an objective perspective which will be imperative for your business in this project. They will study and analyze your needs as well as the needs of the market without bias and arrive at the right solution. They will help you choose the best software or firm that suits your needs perfectly and will then, subsequently, implement that solution with your company in as much of a seamless way as possible. In other words, objectivity is an equally important attribute to look for when you are choosing a software consultancy team for your business.


Choosing the right software consultancy is imperative for the success of any software related project that your business is facing. Picking the wrong one will only guarantee spectacular failure in this venture which are time consuming and expensive. The right team will ensure nothing like that happens and will increase your confidence in the technology sector and you will be able to repeat the process somewhere down the line when you feel that your business needs it again. In order to choose the right team, the above four factors should be your guiding posts which will allow you to arrive at just the right team that will work best with your business organization to bring about fruitful conclusions of daunting software related projects.

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