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9 Advantages Of A Customized HR Software

Every business when undertaking the decision of implementing a new software within their organization have two options before them. Off the shelf generic software or a customized software. Hiring a software development company for building and implementing a customized software for any department in the business is the optimum choice as its aligns with long term business goals like promoting brand name and increasing a sense of fraternity within the company etc. It is also more cost efficient and decreases dependency on external actors.

A custom HR software is more beneficial for every company’s HR department which in turn positively impacts all other departments since HR activities and policies have an effect on all aspects of the organization. Especially a custom software is more in demand in today’s world on account of the benefits of cloud computing which have positive features that all kinds of businesses can avail.

This article will discuss the nine major benefits of a customized HR software for any business of any shape, size or market sector.

1. Tailored to Existing Processes:

A custom HR software is easier to implement since it maps onto existing workflows within the HR department of organizations. This makes it easier to transition as well as complying with existing regulations and policies of the company. In other words, it helps the business what it was doing before by doing the same things quickly and more efficiently when it comes to their HR teams.

2. Branding:

Once a software is custom built for your company, you can make changes to its font style, color theme, overall layout etc. to bring it more in line with the company brand and tag line. This makes the software your own rather than a developer who you have to pay every month for subscription in the case of off the shelf generic softwares. It also provides a tailored user experience which is imperative in implementation, use and availing benefits of custom softwares in companies.

3. Data Security:

Cyber-attacks are more commonly carried out against generic off the shelf softwares that are not only easier to breach but also offer better returns to hackers since they gain access to multiple companies that are using the software. Custom HR softwares that contain sensitive data about employees and the businesses are harder to attack because of high customized security layers and fewer returns to cyber criminals.

4. Roles & Permissions:

Customized HR softwares allows for customized access to different personnel which is unavailable in generic softwares. It allows for employees of different roles to access only that data for which they have clearance and nothing else. The persmissions granted to specific employees are customized and controlled. This allows for better data security and is not a feature that is available in off the shelf softwares.

5. Customized Forms:

With off the shelf companies are stuck with a limited number of forms with rigid templates which cannot be changed. With customized HR softwares, the HR team can make a library of forms with the company logo for any number of situations and circumstances in advance which save up time and efficient task performance. Moreover, the forms are aligned with the company and the brand name.

6. Reports & Trends:

Custom HR softwares allow for customizable dashboards and KPI’s that the department and the company overall need to keep track off. This way analysis is made easier and patterns can be identified e.g. absenteeism, headcounts, talent acquisition rates etc. Moreover, this further allows for the generation of tailor made reports for the management as well as the government if need be and allows easier compliance with labor laws and regulations.

7. Acquiring & Retaining Talent:

HR teams are responsible for attracting and retaining prospective employees. The hiring process is predominantly carried out by the HR teams of every company. A custom HR software allows for a customized recruiting process and customized application forms which will make it easier for applicants and will, therefore, increase engagement levels and attract top talent from the entire pool.

8. Cost Savings:

Generic off the shelf softwares seem cheap initially but any changes to the software or requirement of plugins to tailor the company’s HR requirements will cost extra and is time consuming process. A custom software, on the other hand, has no hidden costs. Apart from the building costs, they need spaced out maintenance services which do not cost that much. Therefore, custom HR softwares are more cost effective technological solutions for every business.

9. Avoidance of Redundancy:

Custom HR softwares are flexible and scalable. Off the shelf softwares often include features that your HR department will never need but you still have to pay sunk costs of those features which you cannot remove. Custom softwares only come with functions and features that your company needs since they are accounted for before the building of the software. Later on, if the HR team requires new features, they will be added by the development company in a timely fashion due to the flexible nature of custom HR softwares.


A custom HR software will take a longer time to design and build initially but its benefits far outweigh this downside. Costs, time efficiency, productivity and profit margins all benefit from a custom HR software. Off the shelf softwares do not offer these benefits and a company that seeks to grow and expand will soon outgrow generic softwares while custom HR softwares will be scalable with the business and its operations.

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