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5 Benefits Of Outsourcing QA Software Testing

With the advent of technology and its growth with every passing day, softwares on both phones and computers are imperative now for the operations of almost every business on the planet and more and more organizations are shifting to this model with time. Softwares are developed by software developers which could be either in-house or businesses can outsource this task to a software development company. However, software development alone is not the end of the line. After design, software testing is also a major part of development.

Software testing requires a different sort of expertise as compared to development which is why most development companies have a dedicated team for this very task while there are numerous companies out there like Conaxiom that offer Quality Assurance (QA) testing services to businesses and development companies alike. As we delve deeper into the subject of software testing, more and more organizations are preferring to outsource software testing rather than handing it over to their own team or the software development company that designed their software in the first place.

This article will discuss the 6 major advantages to be derived from outsourcing QA software testing that drives the aforementioned organizations towards outsourcing software testing to dedicated companies.

1. Cost Saving:
Hiring a tester or a team of testers costs time and, more importantly, money. They will have to be paid salaries for the entire duration whether the software is ready or not and will take quite a while to be integrated into your team of developers and build that level of chemistry that is needed for fruitful collaborative labor. Outsourcing, therefore, is the more appropriate and cost effective choice.
Conventional software testing costs approximately consist of about 40% of an application’s total cost. Outsourcing, however, can reduce this cost by four or five times as well as speed up the testing process since a lot of companies now use automated testing. This helps identifying problems earlier on which also save up on costs incurred with delays. However, if your business requires manual testing then that service is also provided by companies that have a dedicated team of testers exactly for this reason.
Moreover, some reports claim that your QA testing costs can be halved or reduced even beyond that if you outsource this task to an offshore or nearshore company. Places like India and Mexico have highlighted QA testing as a lucrative field where businesses have been set up for this very purpose and countries like the US outsource most of their QA software testing to these locations which saves costs for them significantly.

2. Better Quality:
QA testing is frequently overlooked in favor of development and being time pressed, businesses often compromise on quality in order to roll out the software ahead of schedule or according to schedule. Outsourcing QA testing to another company will, however, ensure a better QA compliance and, therefore, a better product.
These companies assume the responsibility of end-to-end testing of the software and know exactly the right tools, the right testing methodology and the balance between automated and manual testing as well as which areas of the software to test. All this, significantly betters the quality of the end product and also reduce the time taken as well since they will not be testing the entire software and wasting time. In other words, they ensure a top quality product ready for deployment.

3. Knowledge Pool:
Developers often try to design their products from the perspective of the end users which can often cause errors. These are predicted and easily found and fixed by experienced testing companies. They have dedicated testers in teams whose work is QA testing and looking for exactly these kind of errors on top of ensuring QA compliance.
Moreover, they also have access to the latest technology in their domain like cloud infrastructures, AI assisted testing environments and other recent testing platforms, all of which collectively ensure comprehensive and faster testing of the software.
It also gives businesses a choice to choose from the top testing companies from around the world depending on their knowledge pool and which they think is better suited to their needs and their product. They can evaluate their project, decide what kind of testing is required and outsource it to a company that is best suited to their budget, timeline and most importantly, needs.

4. Agile Development:
The agile approach to development has proven to be the most effective in the current status quo as a method to produce softwares and applications. However, for it to work, a dedicated QA testing company is imperative that you should outsource testing to.
Only an external company well versed in this and matching the knowledge and experience levels of the developers concerned can unlock agile since agile development requires continuous innovation in the software and testing as well to ensure that the product doesn’t break. To pull this off, close collaboration between the development company and the testing company is required to maintain a constant cycle of innovation and testing.
Furthermore, this continuous testing of the product in short spurts will help avoid delays caused by discovery of major bugs since they will be detected and fixed earlier on. This ensures that agile method is used effectively which in turn ensures QA compliance and a product of the highest quality ready in time for deployment.

5. Security & Standards:
Outsourcing QA software testing also ensures that a fresh but experienced and impartial set of eyes are testing your product and are not hindered by any form of bias. This ensures full compliance with the project’s highlighted QA standards and, therefore, a product of good standards.
Moreover, QA testing companies are also well versed in the security domain which also comes under QA and so, therefore, are experienced in a domain that the development company might not be as well versed in. This makes outsourcing to a testing company a necessity since they will ensure that the latest security protocols are in place in the application/solution to better abide by QA. They will also ensure that they abide by government regulations regarding security as well which will be one less thing that your business will have to worry about.

Outsourcing QA software testing to another company has become more of a necessity in recent times if your business does not want to compromise on quality which no business truly wants to if they want good profit margins. The above six benefits of outsourcing, collectively make for a product that will be of excellent quality and tested thoroughly which means rare to nonexistent bugs and downtime. End to end testing ensures that your business management people are not spending time worrying about the quality and testing of the product but are better engaged in more pressing tasks. Outsourcing also increases margins by decreased costs as well as faster deployment of the product which will never be possible with hiring an in-house team of testers.

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