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5 Ways To Effectively Outsource Data Science To Software Development Companies

Software Development Companies possess the personnel and the skills for data science in today’s world with the unprecedented rise of in demand of data scientists and the increasing importance of big data analytics. Data scientists are usually statisticians and/or computer scientists which fall directly in the domain of software development companies. Good software development companies, like Conaxiom, offer a range of services including, but not limited to, software development. Among them are data science services.

Software Development Companies are usually at the forefront of the list of possible companies when businesses are opting to outsource their data science related projects. However, simply outsourcing to a company well versed in data science is not enough. There are several factors to be considered when choosing a software development company for their data science related services. It is only by taking these factors into account can businesses outsource their projects effectively and actually avail the advantages that result from outsourcing.

This article will discuss 5 factors that organizations should consider when outsourcing their data science related projects to software development companies. With the help of these 5 factors they would be able to choose the best company that fits within their budget and aligns with the exact needs of the project and, by extension, the business in question.

1. Extensive Research:
Before looking for software development companies that provide data science services, you must do your research thoroughly. You must, first, understand what data science actually is and the methodologies as well as the skillsets required in the field. After that you must fully understand your project and figure out exactly the kind of skillsets it requires and what that project would look like successfully completed. This will aid you better outline your requirements from your project when actually engaging in negotiations with potential companies. This will allow your business to make the most of your outsourcing relationship since you will be making an informed decision and picking the best company for this particular job.

2. The Right Skillset:
The obvious fact is that not all software development companies are equal in terms of quality and/or services. Some are better and bigger than others. Some may be more experienced in data science than others and this factor is more related to the topic on hand. There might be several companies that are equally experienced in data science but you must choose the one that has the right skillset required for your project instead of choosing strictly on the basis of your budget. If you have done your research properly and know exactly what your project needs, this will not be a problem for you. You will be able to tell which company has the right skillset which you and your business’s project needs.

3. References & Portfolio:
Like any business relationship, you must first consider their references and work samples. Once you have shortlisted the possible software development companies you want to outsource your project to, ask for references and samples of their previous work. Testimonials will allow you to see how their clients fared after outsourcing their projects to them and work samples will allow you to see their work up close and if their methods and end results match with your requirements when it comes to your project. A good software development company will be more than willing to provide these.

4. Process & Support:
Ask potential companies about their process and the level of support available to the team that will be working on your project. While they will be managing your project end to end, it is vital for you to know how exactly they will go about to complete it and what kind of support will be available to them during this time. A team with the right kind of experience (related to your project) is vital for the success of your project and will, therefore, outline the right process they would undertake towards completing your project. This is imperative for its success.

5. Success Criteria & KPI’s:
Before you agree to sign on any software development company to outsource your data science project to, be absolutely clear about what success might look like for your project and this must be communicated to that company clearly and ahead of time. This will give them a clearer picture of what you and your business need from that particular project. This success could be based on a timeline or a specific set of goals that need to be achieved etc. You must also know your project thoroughly in order to clearly outline the related key performance indicators (KPI’s). This will allow you to keep track of the progress the company in question has made and ensure that everyone involved is on the same page. Otherwise, you will be clueless about your project until is completed and it might not look anything like you wanted. KPI’s, on the other hand, allow you to see the progress and point out anything that doesn’t align with your requirements ahead of time so that it can be corrected and the projects keeps moving in the right direction i.e. the direction you and your business need.

Working with software development companies experienced in the field of data science will help you avoid the risks and disadvantages of miscommunication, wasted time and money. The right company will offer a range of services that also take your requirements and overall business goals fully into account when signing on to take your project. They will also ensure compliance with regulations in your areas as well as theirs (in the case of offshore or nearshore companies). In order to outsource your data science project to this kind of company, the above 5 factors must be seriously considered. Only then will your project be successfully completed exactly as you need and your business’ goals are met.

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